Ducan protein diet: menu for the week, stages

Alas, curvy female forms were popular only in the Middle Ages. Today, the ladies from Rembrandt's paintings no longer inspire anyone. Now the protruding bones of the clavicles and pelvis are considered the height of sexuality. But it is extremely difficult to achieve the coveted result in the conditions of a huge assortment of "goodies". That is why the Ducan protein diet has been very popular for more than 30 years. Its principle of action is based on the consumption of large amounts of protein and the almost absolute exclusion of foods containing fats and carbohydrates. The diet has many female fans and an army of enemies. We will try and figure out what's what in this fashionable way of losing weight.

The history of the appearance of the protein diet of Pierre Ducan

Like any revolutionary discovery, the birth of the Dukan method of losing weight is fanned by scandals and controversies. A fundamentally new technique for the end of the 20th century was developed by the French physician Pierre Dukan. It is based on the principle of eating exclusively foods with a high protein content. Over time, the diet has undergone some changes, but first things first.

Dr. Ducan offers a dish for his diet

Back in 1975, a young doctor first encountered a case of obesity. Traditionally at the time, the patient had to be prescribed a therapeutic diet based on the intake of only low-calorie foods. But the inquisitive mind of the French doctor suggested a different solution. He came up with a four-phase nutritional complex, following which patients rapidly lost and did not gain any more weight.

However, the new technique did not become popular immediately. Only 20 years later, in 2000, there was a real "Ducan" boom after the publication of his book with the catchy title "I Can't Lose Weight". The work of a nutritionist immediately became a bestseller and has sold more than 10 million copies to date. The book has been translated into 14 languages in three dozen countries. Other doctors have repeatedly criticized the new way of losing weight, and some so zealously that the author even had to file defamation claims, none of which, however, was satisfied.

Today, the French method of losing weight has become very popular. Ducan has released four more recipe books and tips, and has launched many interactive online coaching sites around the world.

The principle of the method of losing weight

The Dukan method of losing weight is based on complex biochemical processes occurring in the body in conditions of a lack of carbohydrates and an overabundance of proteins. To understand what's going on, you have to go back to basic biochemistry.

Pierre Ducan author of the protein diet

The body needs energy every second. Even when a person is asleep, many processes take place in his body that support his vital activity. The heart beats, the lungs breathe, the kidneys, liver and digestive tract process the food and liquid that have been received, the brain controls many processes, etc. The main source of energy for the human body is carbohydrates. The Dukan protein diet completely, under zero, excludes them from the diet. But where does the energy come from then? First, from the glycogen stores stored in the liver. Then, from adipose tissue. Thus, natural fat burning occurs, in which muscles do not suffer, because there is plenty of building material for them - protein.

This is how the respected Pierre Dukan explains the principle of his diet.

Benefits of the Ducan diet

Dukan positions its method of losing weight as gentle and as close as possible to the natural diet laid down by nature.

The author highlights several fundamental advantages of his creation:

  • quick results;
  • rich diet;
  • lifelong effect.
measuring your waist during the ducan diet

In our reality, the Ducan diet is certainly convenient:

  1. There is no limit to the amount of food consumed. The main thing is to follow the basic rule and eat exclusively low-fat protein foods with the addition of vegetables and starch-containing foods.
  2. There is no time frame for food intake. Ducan does not focus on when you should eat the last time of the day. The rule of "not eating after 6" is missing from his diet.
  3. In view of the points outlined above, a losing weight person is not tormented by a feeling of hunger - the main reason for the "breakdowns" of other diets.
  4. The effect is already observed in the first week. Due to the sharp exclusion of fats from the diet and rapid dehydration (proteins remove water), rapid weight loss occurs. The effect is overwhelming and is essentially a motivation to continue following the diet.

And everything would be perfect - the best diet for those who cannot count calories, do not have free time at the sports club and love to eat. But the Ducan diet has its drawbacks.

Contraindications and danger

Absolutely all doctors, certified nutritionists, nutritionists and athletes categorically speak negatively about any mono-diet. Protein, carbohydrate, apple, cottage cheese . . . Yes, there are hundreds of them! And each of them excludes one or several substances that are urgently needed by the human body.

  1. There is so much talk about the dangers of fats, but without them the normal functioning of the brain (it is 60% lipids), the nervous and immune systems is impossible. Lipids are involved in the production of hormones, protect organs, enter the structure of cell membranes and participate in the process of thermoregulation. It is also pointless to think about the normal condition of the skin and hair without a sufficient amount of fat.
  2. Normal protein metabolism is impossible without carbohydrates. A lack of carbohydrates leads to the fact that the body is forced to receive energy (and it is required not only for physical activity, but also simply for breathing, heartbeat, brain function) from an atypical source - protein. Proteins are thus used for other purposes, which leads to a malfunction in metabolic processes and an increased formation of nitrogenous substances. This condition invariably entails a critical increase in the load on the kidneys, an imbalance in water-salt metabolism and other, more serious, consequences.

Therefore, in a healthy diet, the used ratio is important. The exclusion of any important component from the diet necessarily immediately affects the state of the body. Depending on the strength of health, some people notice changes immediately, others - after a while. One thing is absolutely true - all mono-diets are a great stress load on the body and are categorically contraindicated for people with poor health.

In addition, the Ducan diet cannot be recommended:

  • children and adolescents;
  • pregnant, lactating and wishing to become pregnant;
  • people suffering from any kidney disease;
  • diabetics;
  • elderly;
  • persons with weakened immunity (after illness, surgery, during a flu epidemic, etc. );
  • people with a sick pancreas;
  • those who suffer from any hormonal disorders;
  • persons with metabolic problems.

Neglect of these contraindications is fraught with a sharp deterioration in well-being, up to critical conditions.

Anyone who wants to join the Ducan religion should know one interesting fact. In the early 2000s, the French physicians' council declared Ducan to be in violation of the professional code, charging him with the culpability of turning medical practice into a business. The doctor did not begin to deny it for a long time and, on his own initiative, left the Council of Physicians. A couple of years later, the nutritionist was completely excluded from the list of practicing doctors for the commercial distribution of the author's method of losing weight. Many experts speak more than harshly about the Ducan diet, noting that "there is nothing unique about it, except for colossal harm to the body. "

In 2016, the Association of Specialists in Dietetics, Psychology and Endocrinology ranked the Best Diets for Healthy Eating out of 38 most popular in the world. Dukan's diet was on the "honorable" 34th line in him.

Out of the maximum 5 points, she earned an average of 2. The possibility of losing weight was assessed by three points, and the health benefits - only one and a half.

Among the weight loss methods that received the highest scores were:

  • Mediterranean diet;
  • DASH diet
  • Ornish diet;
  • the TLC diet;
  • "Weight watchers";
  • flexitarian diet.

But the British Association of Nutritionists spoke out against the brainchild of the French innovator even more sharply. She created her own rating of the worst diets, which she topped . . . you can guess which one. The conclusion of the Association is laconic: "the most ineffective and scientifically unfounded".

In addition, many experts and people themselves who have tried the diet on themselves, note that it is no less fraught with other "breakdowns" and a rapid set of extra pounds after them.

By the way, there is one more aspect worth noting. When liver glycogen stores are depleted (1-3 days of the diet), the body starts burning fat. In the process of their splitting, the necessary energy is generated, but ketone bodies are a side component of the chemical reactions that have taken place. If glucose is not supplied soon, then they can accumulate in the body. In children, this condition causes acetone syndrome. Adults tolerate ketosis more persistently, but only if the pancreas is completely healthy. In the worst case, ketoacidosis develops.

Thus, the Ducan diet is definitely one of the most popular in the world. But it is impossible to call it safe and optimal under any circumstances.

Phases of the Ducan diet

The Dukan weight loss method consists of four phases (stages). The first two are aimed directly at reducing excess weight, and the remaining ones are aimed at consolidating the effect. The author calls the inclusion of oat bran in the daily diet and small physical activity as a prerequisite for achieving the result.

First phase. Attack

protein foods for the ducan diet photo 1

Sometimes it is also called percussion. The diet of those who are losing weight during this period consists exclusively of foods rich in protein (lean meat, low-fat dairy products, etc. ). As a result of this menu, the body begins to attack its own fatty deposits. This period is designed for 3-10 days, depending on the amount of excess weight. During this time, the values of the numbers on the scales may decrease by 2-5 kg. So far, this is largely due to fluid loss, not fat burning. Nevertheless, regardless of the true reasons, such a result stimulates the person losing weight to continue to follow the diet.

Second phase. Alternation

Another name for this stage is dilution or cruise. All three definitions quite clearly convey the essence of the process. Now the main goal of losing weight is to reduce weight to the required values, by eating about 70 foods containing protein and about 30 types of plant foods. There is no place for starchy foods on the menu yet.

Protein days at this stage are interspersed with vegetable and protein. It is ideal to fix the alternation day after day. The duration of such a regime is calculated from the ratio of one kilogram for seven days.

Third phase. Anchoring

She was given another promising final title. It is aimed at consolidating (consolidating) the result and is the key to maintaining the weight gained through suffering at a given level. The duration of the stage is calculated based on the ratio of 10 days for each kilogram dropped at the previous stage. That is, 5 dropped kilograms will have to be fixed for 50 days.

The innovations of the final stage are the feast of the stomach and starch-containing foods. The party can be arranged no more than once a week. The main thing is to leave the day of "reckoning" when you return to the strictest protein diet. It is convenient if it will be, for example, Thursday. The doctor recommends following this habit throughout your life.

Phase four. Stabilization

This period can hardly be called a stage. It is now a way of life.

In order not to return to the previous state in the future, you should constantly follow simple rules:

  • observe a protein attack once a week;
  • consume up to three tablespoons of oat bran daily;
  • drink up to 8 glasses of water daily;
  • walk from 30 minutes a day.

Otherwise, you can return to a diet based on proteins, a certain amount of vegetables and starch-containing foods.

Allowed Products

Each stage has its own set of products permitted for consumption.

protein foods for the ducan diet photo 2

The list of admissible from the second phase includes:

  • dietary meats - tongue, poultry ham, rabbit meat, veal liver, jerky, lean beef, chicken, turkey, quail, chicken liver;
  • a whole arsenal of fish - trout, hake, dorada, salmon, herring, mackerel, halibut, carp, sprat and others;
  • seafood - crab meat, crayfish, mussels, shrimp, octopus and others;
  • chicken and quail eggs;
  • low-fat "milk" - kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese;
  • table greens;
  • 28 types of vegetables - tomatoes and cucumbers, zucchini and eggplants, radishes, onions, cabbage, carrots, celery, beets, peppers and others.

The third phase adds:

  • pasta;
  • couscous;
  • lentils;
  • legumes;
  • potato;
  • a couple of slices of whole grain bread;
  • up to 40 grams of fruit;
  • rice.

Prohibited Products

It should be remembered that at the first stage, all foods are prohibited, except for dietary and low-fat proteins.

From the alternation phase, our menu is still left out:

  • chocolate and sugar;
  • sausage;
  • bread;
  • pork;
  • fatty cheeses, blue cheeses;
  • sweet carbonated drinks;
  • store ketchups and mayonnaise;
  • any kind of oil;
  • duck;
  • olives.

The third stage is characterized by a wider diet, which, however, excludes sweet fruits, chocolate, butter and sausages, olives, and fatty cheeses.

The final stage assumes that losing weight can eat everything that has been allowed throughout the long journey. Should limit foods containing starch, "sugar" fruits and other foods that were introduced in the third stage.

Can alcohol be used on a protein diet?

It is clear that being in the process of losing weight for several months, it is very difficult to refrain from drinking alcohol. Either anniversaries, then weddings . . . But you have to pull yourself together - alcohol is categorically contraindicated on the described diet. However, it can be used as a base for sauces during cooking.

Ducan recipes (5 popular)

The menu for all stages of the Ducan protein diet is very diverse. A wide variety of foods can be easily prepared from permitted foods, including desserts and soups. Here are some simple recipes.

Rolls with pink salmon

rolls with pink salmon for the ducan diet

In general, almost any sushi fits into the Ducan diet starting from the third phase. For example, you can cook rolls, for example, pink salmon. Cut crab sticks, cucumbers, quail eggs and lightly salted fish into strips. Place the ingredients on a nori sheet, sprinkle with du-sour cream and wrap in a roll. You can add rice if you want.

Cottage cheese casserole

The hardest part comes with sweet dishes. Therefore, the question of desserts on any diet is always open. As an option for a delicious tea dish, you can try the curd casserole.

cottage cheese casserole for the ducan diet

Combine 400 grams low-fat cottage cheese, 2 eggs, 3 scoops of sweetener, a pinch of salt, and vanillin. Transfer the mixture to a baking dish and cook in the oven at 170 ° C for up to 45 minutes.

Celery a la potatoes

For many, potatoes are more than just a vegetable. It's a whole religion! But it is not included in the list of permitted foods in the early stages of the diet. And giving up fried potatoes is simply unbearable. Try to fry celery with spices and this dish will pleasantly surprise you.

fried celery for the ducan diet

Peel the celery and cut into slices (just like fried potatoes). Do the same with onions. Fry the celery, then send the onions to it. Cook until golden, then sprinkle with garlic and paprika. Add mushrooms if desired.

Spicy shirataki with eggplant

Shirataki noodles are a lifesaver on the Ducan diet! The salad will go with it as a main course or as a side dish.

Cut the eggplants, tomatoes, bell peppers and carrots into strips. Stew the vegetables, add finely chopped garlic and hot pepper, salt. Prepare shirataki and mix all ingredients.


Many have a hard time without first courses. Don't worry, there are enough soups in the Ducan Diet arsenal.

pickle soup for the ducan diet

Cook broth with meat that is allowed at your stage. Fry finely chopped onions and carrots, add pickles and tomato paste to them. Pour the bran into the pan, add the frying, put the previously prepared boiled meat. Season the soup with salt and pepper and let it boil.

Reviews and results

  • First comment, woman, 34 years old: "I lost 4 kilograms already at the first stage. The stomach and intestines sometimes reminded of their existence, but overall I felt great. By the end of autumn, the same amount had already left. In total, at the final stage, I observe almost minus 10 kg! The process went quite easily, and the most difficult thing was the refusal of sweets. "
  • The second review, woman, 23 years old: "Dukan and I confidently lost weight from my 72 to 65 kilograms. Joy knew no bounds! I got involved, everything went quite easily and naturally. But, alas . . . I never made it to the cherished 55s. Suddenly my gastritis reminded of myself and had to return to slimy porridge. Now I'm just trying to eat right. I'm not sure if my health will allow me to return to my favorite diet. "
  • Third review, woman, 29 years old: "My experience with the Ducan diet is categorically negative. I do not advise anyone! The skin has become like paper, and even a yellow-gray color, it smells sour from the mouth, endless colic in the intestines. And you know, I could have survived all this, but what happened to my mood - never again. Sluggish, sleepy, angry . . . The husband was already seriously threatening to file for divorce. And yet, he flatly refused to eat what I ate, and therefore the diet also turned out to be very expensive. "